The Crypto-Conundrum, future of finance or the next mortgage Bubble?

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Welcome to The Crypto-Conundrum, my guide to the world of Cryptocurrency. It’s here that I have chronicled all of my thoughts on Cryptocurrency and investing. For people new to the world of Crypto, click on “Start here!” to read through the complete beginner’s guide

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I have plans on writing more articles on a wide range of topics. They take time to thoroughly research and write, so please be patient.

Planned article series include:
  1. Deep-Dives into the coins listed in the Coin Suggestions page.

  2. Deep-dives into major Dapps, such as Uniswap, DeFi, and governance.

  3. Current events breakdown.

Shoutout to Roey Shoshan for coming up with the name

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